Get ready for Hartford’s newest stadium.


Located at 250 Huyshope Ave, Dillon Stadium will host Connecticut’s only professional soccer team, Hartford Athletic. Available for bookings to City partners and the public, Dillon Stadium will also follow its rich history in being a leading performance venue in Connecticut.


Know Before You Go


Getting There

Whether you’re driving, using a rideshare, or taking CT Transit, we have the best routes for you to get to Dillon Stadium.

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Utilize one of our lots for Match Day parking conveniently located next to the stadium. Biking or driving, we have you covered.

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Tailgating is fun, if you do it right. Dillon Stadium has a policy on tailgating before matches to make sure everyone has fun.

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The Home Team

Founded in 2018, Hartford Athletic is a United Soccer League Championship franchise. The team proudly wears the City’s community colors.

Join them at a home match at Dillon this season.