Tailgating is fun, if it’s done right.

Tailgating is permitted only in Lot 2 on Hartford Athletic match dates beginning three (3) hours prior to the start of the game and ending thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the game. Anyone in the parking lot 30 minutes prior to the start of the game must either enter the stadium or leave the parking lot.

To ensure safety, comfort and enjoyment, all patrons of Dillon Stadium must adhere to the Hartford Athletic tailgating policy.

Responsibility and Safety Reminders:

  • A minimum legal drinking age to purchase or publicly consume alcohol is 21 years.

  • Underage drinking is a criminal misdemeanor.

  • Distribution to minors can be a criminal misdemeanor or greater offense.

  • All fans are responsible for their own safety and legal conduct.


  • Flat beds, trailers, other stages or platforms are prohibited in the parking lot.

  • Please leave room for your fellow tailgaters — tailgating activities should be confined to the area immediately adjacent to your vehicle and cannot obstruct the free flow of other vehicles and/or pedestrians.

  • Fans wishing to park together should enter the parking lots at the same time — saving spaces for other vehicles is prohibited.

  • Ball playing and frisbee tossing in the parking lot and roadways are safety hazards and are prohibited.

  • Deep fryers or any oil-based cooking or frying is prohibited.

  • The unauthorized sale of merchandise, food or beverage is prohibited.

  • Alcohol is permitted in Lot 2, but please drink responsibly. No drinking games can be played in the parking lot (i.e. beer pong, beer funnels and ice luges).

  • Intoxicated Guests — Hartford Athletic reserves the right to deny entry or sale of alcohol to any guest that appears to be intoxicated. These individuals may be ejected from the stadium and/or subject to legal action.

  • Kegs and bulk quantities of alcohol are not permitted in any vehicle, in the parking lots, or on Dillon Stadium property.

  • No unmanned aerial systems (i.e. drones) or any other remote controlled or tethered flying objects are allowed in the parking lot.

  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the parking lot. Please bag and dispose of trash in these trash receptacles to make it safer for vehicles exiting the lot.

  • Any violation of the tailgating policies may result in the loss of parking privileges and/or the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

  • No Charcoal fires, open flames or large grills are permitted. Propane grills listed as portable or table top are allowable. There shall be no commercial or residential grills allowed. Fuel size one pound (16.4 oz).

For more information, questions or inquires on the Hartford Athletic tailgating policy, please contact info@hartfordathletic.com